Lizards, Birds & Butterflies

Our first tour day was filled with adventure and great weather. They call this part of June “St John’s Summer” when the rainy season takes a break for 2 weeks. The countryside is simply stunning, and the jungles amazingly green and diverse.

Rose is keeping track of the animals we’ve seen and her list is already over 20 including lizards, birds and a bunch of beautiful butterflies (which are everywhere). No confirmed monkey sightings yet. My particular favorite today was the line of leaf-cutter ants doing their daily chores:

We took a vocal lashing from a howler monkey on the jungle hike today which included 13 rope bridges over 40 feet off the ground in the canopy:


The absolute highlight of the day had to be the water slide that traversed over 0.25 miles and 400 ft of elevation. I was camera guy on the last run so no picture of the train-wreck that was me shooting down the hill. Some great pics here of the kids and Lynn though:

We hit a little traffic on the way home:

… and the day came to a close with a fantastic sunset followed by an impressive thunder and lightning show:

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3 Responses to Lizards, Birds & Butterflies

  1. Looks fabulous! Glad you’re having fun!

  2. Robert Schaerfl says:

    Sigh, wish we were there, here it is cloudy and rainy. Cat is fine, plants are watered and house cleaned and locked.

  3. c1leveland says:

    Sigh — wish were were there. Here it is cloudy and rainy. Cat is fine, plants watered and house clean and locked.


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