A man, his boy and 3 days in Washington D.C.

My 13 year old son and I ventured to my home town of Rockville, Maryland this week just outside of Washington D.C.. We enjoyed time visiting with my parents and ran ourselves ragged at the museums in our nation’s capital. Growing up in Washington D.C., I was spoiled by access to some of the world’s most impressive museums and monuments so I was excited to share this with my son.  Our week included:

  • Air and Space Museum on the mall & at Dulles – Largest McDonalds I’ve ever experienced at the A&S on the mall. The Space Shuttle Discovery and an SR-71 Blackbird at Dulles are absolutely amazing if not a little humbling.Image
  • Library of Congress – our clear and away new favorite spot in DC. Fantastic interior and a great tour guide. We actually returned later in the week to get more time in the Jefferson library (nearly complete reconstructed collection of Jefferson’s entire library of 6000 volumes).Image
  • Newseum – very modern and interactive museum. Worth it for the Pulitzer Prize photo gallery alone.Image
  • International Spy Museum – it sounds a lot cooler than it really is. Way overpriced. No picture (they weren’t allowed – go figure).
  • National Archives – haven’t done this since I was a young child. Seeing the actual founding documents is inspirational.Image
  • National Museum of Natural History – one of Owen’s favorites each time we’re in DC. This time they had a display of photos from a Smithsonian photo contest. Some of the most amazing photos I’ve ever seen. Real innovation in printing them too. You can see them too here [click here].
  • WW II Memorial – I was a skeptic of putting another memorial in the Lincoln/Washington/Capital line-up but after seeing the finished product, I’m sold.Image
  • Washington Monument – no tours due to earthquake damage but still a wonderful sight.Image
  • Lincoln Memorial – what can I say. Old Abe is still there and still my favorite American ever. Owen insisted I include a picture of the typo they made in the wall of the memorial (“Euture” instead of “Future”).Image
  • the Mall – I know it’s technically not a monument but it’s still a must-see spot in D.C.. Here are a few photos of the White House, the Jefferson Memorial, some guys repairing the Simeon top of the National Gallery of Art, and a view of the Old Post Office from the Newseum.ImageImage

Alas we only had 3 days to tour but it was a great experience and treasured time 1:1 with my son.

Donald D. Parker.


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One Response to A man, his boy and 3 days in Washington D.C.

  1. rschaerfl says:

    Brings back a LOT of memories… Maureen and I saw a Vatican treasures exhibit at the Library of Congress a large number of years ago. There is always something great on exhibit. I hope you got to view the reading room from a glass enclosed observation platform half way up the dome.

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